4 Things That You Can Do To Improve Your Landscaping Right After Building A Fence

Adding a fence to your property is a major undertaking, especially when you enclose the entire backyard. Whether you installed the fence to add privacy, increase home security, or create an area for your children and pets to play without having to worry about outside influences, the benefits do not stop there. It is possible to use your fence advantageously to make numerous improvements to your property.

Protect and Hide Your Trash and Recycle Bins

Trash and recycle bins are not the prettiest sight for you or others to see. If you have been keeping them in your driveway or on the side of your house exposed to all, you can now conceal them completely. A fence provides you with an excellent hiding spot for these unsightly, but essential items. It depends on the city, but some of them allow you to use your own trash cans, so it is a way to protect them as well.

Add Plants or Decorations to the Fence

Once you put the fence up, you can use it as a holder for plants and decorations. If you want to spice up your backyard without taking up valuable space, just hang or mount some items on the fence. It is also a chance to grow plants that like shade as the fence will protect them from the sun for most of the day.    

Start a Garden with Confidence

Not only are you able to start growing things on the fence, but you can start a garden with confidence. Instead of having to worry about wild animals, heavy winds, or other people, you can just garden. Being able to avoid these problems will increase your ability to succeed at gardening in your backyard.

Create an Extra Barrier to Deter Pests

While fences will eliminate many gardening problems since it can keep out deer and rabbits, it does not fix them all. After the fence has been installed, you should look into getting landscape rocks incorporated into the landscaping to deter other pests. Another defensive option is to build a retaining wall that goes around the fence line.

Fencing your property is a major accomplishment on its own, but it also opens up so many new opportunities. Whether you get started right away or chisel away at new additions over time, you should definitely make use of the additional improvements that can be made after getting a fence (from professionals such as Professional Fencing 2000 Wooden Fencing).