4 Features That Will Make Your Wood Fence Practical

A wood fence is a great way to add some additional value to a home, but it could do so much more than just protect your property. There are several features that can add function or improved aesthetics to make the fence even more attractive. Consider these 4 ways that you can improve your wood fence.

Use Landscape Lighting

Your fence may look beautiful during the day, but you typically don't get to enjoy it much at night. That's why it can help to use landscape lighting to illuminate the fence when it is dark outside. You can do this using a couple methods, with the easiest being small LED spotlights. These lights are placed on the ground with them spaced apart at even intervals, and simply shine at the fence. It adds security, since you can now see anyone near the fence, and shows off the structure at night. You could also have lighting installed on the fence itself, with small lantern lights. These are harder to install, but will have a similar effect.

Add A Vertical Garden

Another way to add live to a fence is to add plants. Vertical gardens not only free up the space where the garden normally grows on the ground, but are ideal for vegetables that grow on vines, such as tomatoes. If you don't want to use vegetables, use some light plants to incorporate them into the design of the fence. It will add some nice color to your yard in a unique way.

Incorporate An Arbor

Arbors can look great in a back yard, but they will look even better if they are incorporated into your fencing. This can be installed in places where you would normally have a gate or a gap in the fence to get in and out of the yard. This turns a boring necessity of the gate into an attractive feature that you can be proud of.

Install Seating

Wood benches can bring some much needed seating to your backyard, but they will look beautiful if they match the fencing that you have. Using similar wood and stain for a wood bench will make the entire yard look unified.

These are just a few ways to make your wood fence stand out in practical ways. For more ideas, a fencing contractor in your area can help by sourcing the necessary material and performing the installation of it for you.