What You Need To Know About Aluminum Fence Installation

Aluminum fencing offers a classic look that gives your home major curb appeal. Adding a metal fence to your home is a good investment and can increase the value of your home. However, deciding to add a fence to your property can present challenges. Knowing how to install your fence properly will help the process go more smoothly.

Preparing To Install Your Fence

Depending on your local laws, you may have to get a permit before you build your fence. This is an important step, and skipping this step could lead to costly fines. After you've obtained any necessary permits, it's time to prepare your fencing area.

To begin, take some wooden stakes and string and rope off a path where you want to place your fence. You may want to adjust the path of your fence to allow for the size of your metal fencing panels. This can minimize how many panels you'll have to cut to make the fence fit properly.

After you've adjusted the layout of your fence, you'll want to remove the grass and dig a small trench along the path of the string you laid out in the previous step. You want this trench to be at least a few inches wider than your fence posts. This allows a little room for you to work. You also want to use a level to ensure the trench is even. Making sure the trench is level will ensure that your fence will sit correctly.

Tips For Installation

When installing your fence, be sure to follow the directions that came with the fencing panels. Be extra careful to make sure your fence post mounts are all facing the same direction. It doesn't matter which direction you use, but you just should apply it consistently throughout the whole fence. If you don't, your fence may appear crooked.

When installing your fence, leave room for yard work. You can leave enough room by installing your fence a couple of inches above the ground. This prevents tools like weedwhackers from damaging your fence.

If your fence is being installed on a grade, consider panels that rack. Racking panels can move and accommodate changes in the grade of the ground. Otherwise, you may have to step your fence.

Asking For Help

If you find installing your fence yourself is a little more work than you anticipated, you may want to hire a contractor. A fencing contractor from a company like Mills Fence will be able to install your fence quickly, without you having to worry about all the heavy labor involved in installing your fence.