Chain Link Fences Are A Better Choice Than You May Have Heard

Chain link fencing isn't always the first type of fence to jump to people's minds when they are considering installing fencing along the border of their home and yard; however, chain link fencing is a much better choice than you may currently think. It offers a number of advantages for homeowners, including the following.

Chain link fences maintain visibility.

Especially if you have nice scenery, like rolling hills or beautiful mountains, you want to be able to see outside of your yard. Some types of fencing, like vinyl and wood, block your view. Even if you were to choose a post-and-rail fence, the thick rails limit your view. Chain link fencing, however, is easy to see through. With a  chain link fence, you can secure your yard without making it feel closed-off and isolated.

Chain link fencing holds up in bad weather.

When a wind storm rolls in, you have to worry about it blowing over a wooden or vinyl fence. The "thick" nature of these fencing materials means there is a lot of area for the wind to push on. Chain link fencing, however, is quite thin, and so there is not a lot of surface area for the wind to catch. You are less likely to have to replace or repair your fence after a thunderstorm or hurricane if you choose chain link fencing.

You can install chain link fencing yourself.

Chain link fencing can be purchased at many home improvement stores. As long as you have a few helpers and basic DIY skills, you should be able to install the fence yourself. This will save you money and also give you a greater feeling of connection to your home. Materials like wood and iron are much heavier and harder to assemble into fencing, so you would likely have to pay a contractor to build your fence.

Chain link fencing requires little maintenance.

Wooden fencing needs to be stained or waterproofed every year or two. Even iron fencing needs to be painted with rust-proof paint. However, chain link fencing is essentially maintenance-free. You may need to pull weeds out from along the base of the fence periodically, but that is about it.

If the time has come to install a new fence in your yard, don't write off chain link fencing as an option. It's affordable, durable, and offers a number of other advantages for the average homeowner.