Have A Unique Log Privacy Fence Created Around Your Yard To Create Privacy And Give Your Home More Character

Having a privacy fence around your yard is great when you live in a crowded neighborhood. It allows you to get peace and quiet when you need it and ensure that your nosy neighbors can't always see what your family is up to. When you have a privacy fence made by a fence company, consider having it be as unique as it can possibly be. A great way to make a unique fence is to have it made out of large logs. The following guide walks you through the process for having a log privacy fence made around your yard.

Choose the Wood You Want to be Used

You first need to choose what wood you want to have used to create the fence. Cedar is often a popular wood to choose because it does not deteriorate quickly and does not attract termites. If you want a different type of wood, you may need to have it treated to prevent it from deteriorating over time.

Decide How Long and Tall You Want the Fence to Be

You then need to decide how long and how tall you want the fence to be. This will allow the fencing contractor know how much wood needs to be collected to create the fence that you want to have created.

Have the Poles Cut Down to Size

Once you have chosen the type of wood that you want used to create the fence, the contractor will need to cut down all of the poles so that they are the same size. It is important that the logs are cut to uniform sizes because it will be noticeable when the fence is built if they are not cut evenly.

Have the Support Posts Inserted into the Ground

The contractor will then need to use a hand slammer to slam the wooden support posts into place. The posts will be angled at the end to make them easier to drive into the ground. The posts will be driven a foot or two into the ground to make sure that they are as stable as they can be.

Have the Horizontal Poles Put into Place

Once the support posts are put into place, the horizontal poles will be placed between the pairs of poles to create the fence. The support poles are strategically placed so that the space between the poles is just wide enough for the horizontal poles to fit between.

Once the fence is done being built, you should be able to have the privacy that you want and a unique look around your yard. Creating this type of fence does not take much longer than a fence that is created from traditional wooden planks.