PVC Fences vs Composite Wood Fences

If you're trying to add a little bit of style and flair to the exterior of your home, you should consider adding fencing to your front yard. A new fence can be functional and stylish at the same time. If you have a small front yard, a new fence will make it a little safer and more enjoyable for your children and pets. A new fence can also mark off your lawn, frame your landscaping, and create a cohesive look with your home exterior. But choosing the best material can be hard. There are a lot of options, and you want to choose a product that fits your style, is within your budget, and has reasonable maintenance. This article compares PVC fences and composite wood fences.

PVC and Composite Woods

PVC and composite woods are both great alternatives to real wood. Most people probably prefer the look of a real wooden fence, but they simply don't want to deal with the maintenance. Both PVC and composite wood will also last much longer than wood does. These two products have a lot of similarities when it comes to maintenance, but they also have a few differences that you should consider.


PVC is the cheaper of the two options. That being said, some homeowners also feel that PVC looks cheap. PVC definitely looks more like plastic or vinyl. This usually isn't a major issue if you just want a white fence. However, if you want a multi-colored fence with a fake wood print, PVC might not be very convincing. However, since PVC is very cheap, and it can give you the look of wood without the expensive price tag or maintenance, it remains a very popular choice among homeowners.

Composite Wood

Composite wood fences are obviously going to be more expensive, but they are definitely worth it to some homeowners. Composite wood is actually made out of real wood by-products that are ground up, so it doesn't really have the same characteristics or vulnerabilities. Composite wood is also capped with a laminated finish. Just like PVC, it has fake wood prints. That being said, a composite wood fence will always look and feel more authentic than a PVC fence with a fake wood print.

Even though composite wood fences are more expensive, they are still a great choice for just about any homeowner. If you can only afford PVC, you will also be pleased with the easy maintenance and affordability. For more info, talk to companies like York Fence Co.