What You Need To Know About Deer Fencing

Putting in a deer fence for an operation that handles breeding is a critical job. As your deer herd expands, you'll also want the game fencing you employ to expand with them in order to ensure the group continues to live in healthy conditions and to breed in an optimal manner. If you're getting ready to start a game fencing installation project, you should pay attention to these details.


There's a big difference in how much fencing you'll want to have in place if you're breeding deer for on-site hunting purposes versus straight-up farming. The reason for this is that hunters tend to strongly desire bucks who have large sets of antlers. Research has shown that once populations exceed more than 100 deer per square mile, antler development drops significantly. Notably, conception rates went down, and survival rates of fawns for mothers having their first newborns dropped. There can also be increased socialization problems within the herd, and there may even be issues with development to sexual maturity.

If you're planning to farm deer in order to sell venison into the market, you may be less concerned with these issues. That said, sustainability of the herd should always be on your mind. Likewise, giving a herd more space to work with by expanding the available game fencing area will improve health.

Choosing Pens

A white tail buck in its prime is an animal that has great athleticism and strength. You'll obviously want a high fence to account for the animals' remarkable jumping abilities. White tail breeder pens should be made from impact-resistant materials, too, as the animals will test the fence. The product you choose should also hold up well under the conditions that are common in regions where white tail deer are raised, and that means handling heavy rains, high heat, and snow. It's also a good idea to find a product that includes features to guard against predator penetration, as you're pretty much collecting a pile of dinners for wolves and cougars in one spot.

Watch for small details. For example, the joints and knots in the deer fence need to hold up well to animals banging against them. High corrosion resistance is also a desirable feature.

Know the Difference

It may be tempting to look at deer fencing options that are intended to keep individual deer out. Game fencing for protective purposes is only suitable farmers and gardeners.

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