Less-Common Fence Materials To Consider For Your Yard

If you drive through most residential areas, you'll see a mixture of fencing materials. Some people likely have wood fences. Others will have vinyl, and others will have chain-link. These fencing materials all work well, which is likely why they've become so common. However, they are far from the only fencing materials that exist. If you'd prefer something more unique for your yard, here are some less-common fence materials to consider. 


Composite is a material made from wood fibers and cement. It's used to make a lot of siding, and it's becoming more common in fencing in recent years. Composite is usually made to look like wood, but it does not rot or absorb water like natural wood. This makes it a great choice for fences in wetter yards and rainy climates. Another advantage of composite is that termites won't bother it. So, if you have ever had termites mow down a wood fence before, you may want to consider composite as an alternative this time around. The only real downfall of composite fencing is that it is heavy, which means it takes a while to install and is not easy to repair.


If sustainability is really important to you, then consider a fence made from living bamboo. Basically, your fence contractor will plant bamboo in a line where you want the fence. Over time, the bamboo will grow denser and denser, creating a pretty reliable barrier around your property. When planted properly, a bamboo fence will keep intruders out and animals in. It is also excellent for the earth since it releases oxygen into the air and absorbs carbon dioxide. Bamboo fencing does not require a lot of care, but you may need to water it during really dry periods.

Woven Wire

If you are looking for a really inexpensive fence and you don't care if you can see through it, then woven wire may be a good choice. Your fence installer will basically put up some wooden fence posts and then attach mesh-like fencing to the posts. The wire is not sharp like barbed wire, and it is a lot easier to take up and put down than chain-link. Woven wire will keep most pets in, and it's a good barrier against deer and other wildlife. 

Talk to a fence company to learn more about these and other types of fencing. They can look over your property and recommend the best material for your needs.