Important Questions To Ask A Fence Company Before Installation Begins

Getting an entire fence installed around your front or backyard can be a fantastic way to gain extra privacy and add value to your home, but it does come with some unique challenges. With all the choices in heights, materials, and care, you may be overwhelmed by what your first steps to a new fence should be.   

In order for you to have a positive experience working with a fence installation company, you'll want to take the time to ask several questions to ensure that the installation will go smoothly.  

Are There Any Required Permits?

It's very likely that your city has some rules regarding fencing, in terms of the style and height. The best way to ensure that the fence suits these rules is through requesting a permit before moving forward with the installation. You'll want to make sure that the fencing company has the know-how regarding fencing permits so that your fencing meets all city codes.

Does the Fence Meet HOA Guidelines?

If you live in a community with a homeowners association, you likely need to make sure that your new fence will meet all their guidelines. Getting a fence put in without meeting their rules could end in you needing to make adjustments to the fence or replacing it entirely.

How Long Will the Installation Take?

Like any construction or home remodeling project, the installation of your fence can be noisy and bring about a lot of mess during the project. While the type of fencing and the number of feet of fencing you need will change the estimated time, it is a good idea to ask about how the long the installation will take.

What Kind of Maintenance is Needed?

The kind of fence you are interested in may have a lot to do with the appearance instead of the maintenance involved. Asking about how much cleaning is expected and if any additional work is required to keep the fence in good shape can help ensure that you'll be happy with the fence in the years to come. From power-washing to reapplying sealant, you can make a dramatic difference in the condition of your fence with the right maintenance.

Putting in a fence in your backyard requires some careful planning in order for the final results to fit what you have in mind. By asking the right questions, the installation and new fencing (such as wrought iron fencing by AJ Wrought Iron Security & Ornamental Ltd) can help add a lot of value to your home without some of the mistakes that could be make with fencing.