3 Different Choices of Lumber for Wood Fences, Their Benefits, and the Cost Difference

If you want to have a real wood fence, then there are many choices of materials, such as treated pine, cedar, and tropical lumber like Ipe. Each of the different choices requires maintenance, and there is a difference in price depending on what lumber you choose. Here are some of the things you need to know about choosing wood materials for your new fence: 

1. Conventional Treated Pine for the Most Affordable Wood Fence

Treated pine materials are the conventional solution for wood fencing. The pressure-treated lumber is also the most affordable material to choose from if you want to have a wood fence installed. The wood is treated with a preservative to protect against rot and insects. Even though the wood is treated, it will still need a coat of stain and sealant every few years to maintain your fence. In addition, pressure washing the fence occasionally can help reduce wear and make it last longer.

2. Cedar Lumber for a More Attractive Wood Fence 

Cedar is another popular material that is used for fencing and is an untreated material, unless you buy materials that have been pre-stained. Cedar has natural chemicals in it that helps protect the wood from weathering and insects. Cedar lumber will begin to show signs of age and discoloration after a few years. Pressure washing the fence and adding a coat of stain to the wood will reduce discoloration and help make your cedar fence last for years. Like with other wood fences, cedar materials will need occasional repairs as the fence ages.

3. An Exotic Look With Tropical Materials From Responsible Forestry Management

Exotic lumber is another great choice for a wood fence for your home. There are many choices of materials available, but few come from responsible forestry management. Look for forestry certification on the label of lumber materials when shopping for exotic tropical hardwoods. Ipe is a good choice, which will outlast most other domestic materials like cedar and has a darker, reddish color that will brown as it ages. Occasional pressure washing and a coat of clear oil stain will protect the wood and help make it last for years.

These are some of the things that you need to know when choosing wood materials to build a new fence. Contact a fencing contractor like Soldier Fencing LLC and talk with them about different materials to use for your new fence.