Benefits Of Choosing Vinyl-Coated Chain Link Fences

When it comes to choosing chain link fences, there are many benefits to selecting a fence with vinyl coating. Whether you need a fence for your backyard or for a commercial location, consider the following reasons to select a vinyl-coated chain link fence.

Added Safety

Exposed fencing can have jagged edges that cause scratches and cuts. With vinyl coating, the surface of the metal is covered to prevent injuries. This makes vinyl coating an ideal option for parks, playgrounds, and fenced-in backyards for single-family homes. Consider adding padded posts for added protection and safety in any area where children may play sports, such as soccer or football. The padding combined with the vinyl covering can help absorb impact and provide a safer place for children to enjoy their time outdoors.

Beautiful Aesthetic

Vinyl fences come in a range of colors, so you can easily match the fence to your home or building's design aesthetic. Choose green for use in parks and tennis courts, or opt for bright colors to use around sports fields at schools or parks. You can choose school team colors for a spirited addition to athletic facilities. In some cases, you can even have your fence contractor create a custom pattern with multiple colors to create a bright, vivid look for your fenced-in area.

Easy Maintenance

While metal chain link fences can rust and look old and worn, vinyl coatings can offer easy maintenance. With no exposed metal exposed to the elements, the fence may take longer to corrode or rust, and the smooth surface is easy to hose down whenever the fence needs to be cleaned. Painted metal fences can become scratched or be subject to peeling paint, while fences with vinyl coatings will keep their color for years to come without the need for paint touch-ups.

Privacy Options

Vinyl-coated chain link fences can be paired with full-length vinyl inserts to create added privacy for your property. The vinyl slats slip inside of the chain links to block your property from view, while the coated links are typically thicker than plain metal fences. This provides better coverage from post to post, helping to provide full coverage for the fenced-in area. 

Your fencing contractor can help you find the right colors and designs for your property. He or she can also perform all the work needed to remove your old fence and install your new one. Visit a site like to learn more.